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You probably have a lot of questions like,

  • “How will I know when I’m ready to quit my job?”
  • ”What if it doesn’t work?”
  • ”Can I actually DO this?”
  • ”Where do I even begin?”
  • ”How do I get my partner on board?”

It can be scary thinking about leaving the security of your job, but you know you’re made for something more than making someone else rich! You’re craving something more for your life.

I get it, I’ve been exactly where you are and I understand the challenges you face as you contemplate leaving your career behind. I’m here to offer a transformative solution that will empower you to step into the world of entrepreneurship with confidence & purpose.

Hi, I’m Misty.

In 2016 I left law to follow my intuition. Some thought I was crazy leaving a 6 figure job and it was scary but the whispers and longing were too strong to hold me back any longer. I had known for my whole life I was meant to do great things and I was finally trusting this inner knowing and the time was now.

With a holistic approach, I emphasize personal growth, alignment, and purpose. I’m here to help you rise above your current circumstances and reconnect with the work & life you are meant to have. Through the fusion of intuitive strategy and deep inner connection, I’ll empower you to achieve new levels of success and purpose in your entrepreneurial journey.

I bring creativity, joy, and a deep commitment to your desires to every coaching session. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey toward a meaningful & fulfilling life aligned with your purpose.

  • Customized Roadmap: I’ll tailor each coaching session to your unique needs, with personalized strategies and solutions.
  • Fear Conquering Techniques: you’ll be equipped with practical tools to overcome fear and self-doubt while fostering self-assurance and courage.
  • Self-Care Prioritization: you’ll develop self-care as a non-negotiable component of your journey, I will encourage you to nurture your physical, emotional and mental well-being.
  • Goal clarity: I’ll help you define your vision and purpose with clarity, breaking down your entrepreneurial aspiration into achievable steps.
  • Inner Guidance Cultivation: we’ll foster your connection to your inner wisdom, enabling you to navigate the entrepreneurial path with confidence and authenticity.

Now is the time to move from self-doubt and hesitation to confidence and bold action in pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.

Get started today?

Exit Strategy workbook

Get crystal clear on what it is you want and start making a plan to go after it with this free self-coaching workbook

Coaching and Yoga

Work with me 1:1 in a coaching or private yoga, join my group coaching program, The Elevate Experience or BOOK an extraordinary VIP Day.

self-paced courses

Get started today with one of my self-directed program. One is about getting clear on his vision or maybe you want to lear stress relieving strategies.

Experience the magic of vision, intuition & action

Her intuition is spot on, allowing her to ask the best questions…

” I love my sessions with Misty! She creates a warm and loving space where I quickly go where I need to go for growth. Her intuition is spot on, allowing her to ask the best questions that gently nudge me to be brave. I highly recommend her as a coach!”

~ Mahara W.

I felt empowered and worthy again and realized I deserve what I want...

“The biggest impact is finding my inner child and realizing that I had a lost little girl inside me. It felt really good reconnecting with her. I feel whole and complete now moving forward in my life, and it feels like there is less of a stumbling block in my path. She’s not fighting me anymore. She with me now beautifully working with me. I felt empowered and worthy again and realized I deserve what I want and that I’m just as important as everyone else.”

~ Patti

I felt so safe with Misty and highly recommend her to anyone looking for support.

“Misty is a brilliant coach. She holds safe space where I felt supported, seen and heard. As an enneagram 7 I was all over the place, I was also avoiding feeling some of the emotions that were coming up. Misty met me where I was at, she allowed me to have space. She also got me to refocus when I went off topic. I felt so safe with Misyt and highly recommend her to anyone looking for support.”

~ Nicki K

I know you’re ready to elevate your life to new heights.

If you’re seeking clarity on making the transition from your job to running your own soulful energetically aligned business, let’s have a conversation. I would love to connect to explore how I can support you in your journey to entrepreneurship, helping you remove obstacles, gain clarity, and embark on a path of purpose and fulfillment.

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