Welcome my friends, 

I am excited you’ve landed here. 

Trust you’ve been guided here for a reason. Maybe it’s because your need rest or maybe now’s the time to access your inner strength; or maybe it’s because you are craving more from life or maybe you are seeking connection.

Do you answer yes or agree with any of the statements below?

✨  I struggle to find balance with family, work, home and time for me. 

✨  I feel deeply there is more to life than this but there is just not enough time to figure it out.

✨  I take care of everyone else before I make time for myself because that’s my job. 

✨  I feel guilty when I take time for myself.

✨  My physical and emotional health don’t feel optimal.

If you agree with or said yes to any of these statements then my friend you’re in the right place. 

My passion is to work with women to heal, connect to their OWN beliefs and transform their lives all the while embracing their authentic selves. 

As a Women’s Empowerment Coach, I am here to serve women and guide them to find their inner strength, their voice and support them as they begin to live the life of their dreams. My coaching is complemented by my extensive yoga training and offers an opportunity to blend the two modalities and create sacred space for the women I work with to build a deeper connection. 

Is it work? YES it is but it’s the kind of work that will transform your life.

Join me and begin your journey home to your heart and a deeper connection. 

As women, our instinct is to care for others first. Our lives can easily become overwhelmed with the beloved to-do lists feeling pressured to do it all perfectly. We don’t take time to truly rest. 

Our passions and desires become second and we begin to forget who we truly are. We negate our own needs and feel we are not enough. As we negate our needs the more dis-ease comes into our bodies, minds and spirit and we become disconnected from our true desires. 

This was me 15 years ago. Once I experienced this critical juncture in my life I had to choose: me or the needs of others. It was work but I chose ME and now my passion is to create space to support and guide women back to their own true selves; back to their hearts and on the path to lives they dreamed of living. 

Check out my video below! 

Restorative Yoga Coaching



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