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Soul Circle Membership for Women


Looking for an online space to find connection and support? 

Do you answer yes to any of these? 

🌟 You are longing to deepen your connection to your higher self.

🌟 You struggle to find support without judgment. 

🌟 You know there is more to this life than what you are living but not sure where to start. 

🌟 You’re ready to explore a deeper consciousness.

🌟 You want to deepen your exploration into yoga and all the subtle energies.

🌟 You’re ready to live the life you desire

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above then you’re in the right place.

This membership is a circle for the soul and created for women. 

I am so excited for all of us to build true connections and for women to know the feeling of support and love for a lifetime. 

We’re going to breathe, meditate, inspire, encourage and practice restorative yoga and so much more.

This membership is focused on creating sacred space for women to release shoulds they carry and tap into their innate wisdom. It is a safe space to create a deeper understanding and access the Divine to move forward in their life in a way that feels true and authentic to their higher purpose.

By becoming a member of the Soul Circle, you’ll receive:

🌟 Welcome Package

🌟 Pre-recorded Restorative yoga classes

🌟 Pre-recorded Pranayama Practices

🌟 Pre-recorded Meditations

🌟 Pre-recorded Gentle Movement

🌟 Monthly Coaching Sessions with me

🌟 Monthly LIVE Workshops with Guests

🌟 Worksheets & handouts to deepen self explorations

🌟 Opportunity to share your passion

🌟 Community of Soul Seeking Women

New content is available to support your need for relaxation, growth and healing journey.

Your Investment: $49.99/month or $450/year

(a once-annual payment that breaks down to less than $1.23 a day, or $37.50 a month) so you can commit to honouring yourself, finding rest and connecting to your Highest Self.

The Soul Circle for Women connects women to create a source of support for you each and every day. Finding these authentic connections with women experiencing similar desires, needs and cravings as you and knowing you have somewhere to turn when you need to be heard, inspired, and supported to me is invaluable.

How to Master Deep Rest

On this path you will learn to calm your nervous system, connect to your higher consciousness and live with more ease.

You will go from feeling stressed & disconnected to feeling calm & fulfilled by learning how deep rest will regulate your nervous system aid in releasing the monkey mind in order to flow through life more effortlessly.

The course enrollment is currently closed. If you want all the details and to be added to the waitlist click below! 


Release the Shoulds | Online Shoulder Workshop

In this online pre-recorded 2hr workshop we explore and learn about the anatomy of the shoulders; then dive into explorations to stretch, strengthen and release tension. 

Have you ever noticed how much tension you carry in your neck and shoulders?

This 2hr workshop focuses on the anatomy of the shoulder. We will explore the bones and the muscles.

After we gain insight into the shoulders we will move through various explorations to strengthen, stretch and release the tension we carry in our shoulders.

BONUS: Included in this workshop is a bonus meditation to use while enjoying a relaxation pose opening the shoulder girdle.

Note: If you are a Registered Yoga Teacher this workshop is eligible for Continued Education Credits and a Certificate will be provided upon completion..